Information security that focuses on possibilities.

Are you looking for a way to protect your information without locking everything down? Discover how we can support with the protection necessary for your business success.

Privacy, IT and information security for corporates, SMEs and freelancers

Do you want to handle information security properly? Then the first step is to determine which risks you find acceptable. Omni-U provides you insight.

Are you doing enough or maybe even too much to protect critical information? Are your employees frustrated or do you find them bypassing security? Then the security measures are probably insufficiently aligned to your work processes. Omni-U supports you in finding the right balance between protection and employee experience.

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of ransomware victims have not restricted administrator access rights.


Employees are repeatedly confronted with malicious parties who try to obtain information.


of impacted organizations did not install the latest security patches.

Our solutions for privacy, IT and information security


Tailored advice in determining vulnerabilities in information, IT and privacy security and taking suitable measures. We advise on the needs of your company.


Attend a tailor-made training to gain more insight into privacy and information security within your organization. Or take a course in CISM, CIPM, CCISO and / or CRISC to prepare for a certification exam.


Get support for all requirements related to obtaining and maintaining quality marks such as ISO 27001, BIO, NEN 7510 and AiPA so that you are not surprised during the auditor’s assessment.

About Omni-U

Discover our experience and expertise

Omni-U has decades of experience in supporting privacy, IT and information security in a variety of companies. From international corporates to municipalities, healthcare institutions, SMEs and freelancers.

  • Supported 100+ companies at home and abroad in obtaining ISO 27001, BIO and NEN 7510.
  • Qualified to deliver official certification training in CISM, CIPM, CCISO and CRISC.
  • Efficient and hands-on approach in structuring, simplifying and professionalizing security.

Peter Esselaar

Information manager RIBW

We have drawn up a risk inventory and, on the basis of this, took action, further refined policy, implemented a management system and developed measures. Omni-U has left us at the helm, but has supported us in an expert manner with knowledge and material.

J. Leenders

CISO Ardo Group

While working on an Information Security Program for the Ardo Group, Michiel’s knowledge and experience were of great value. I can highly recommend Omni-U and their no-nonsense approach to anyone working within Information Security and looking for consultancy.

Emile Kok

director TSTC

Michiel is a motivator, inspirator, an engaging trainer but above all a team player and wonderful guy. As former security student we challenged each other to make the EC-Council C|CISO program even better and it worked out excellent.

Improve your privacy, IT and information security?

Call us for advice tailored to your company and business processes. Do you prefer correspondence by e-mail? Send us a message and you will receive a response from us within one working day.

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