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Let's build GDPR compliance together!

Don't let fear of the penalties be your guide in your compliance to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Rather, find the benefits that compliance builds. Our Standardize-U on privacy service,  can help define the steps to become compliant. Through our  Sustain-U on privacy service you will even have access to a Data Protection Officer without increasing headcount.
Most of our services can help you embed privacy in your company in a way that matches your needs as well as those of the GDPR.

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GDPR is a complex legislation. It can be difficult to determine and monitor the steps that you need to take to become compliant. Luckily GDPR is not looking for a magic transformation, but prefers a continual improvement on privacy. Omni-U takes you through the steps to your initial GDPR compliance by providing an action plan that is based on your company, industry and business needs. We can subsequently provide you with standard templates that will speed up compliance and build understanding. We offer various other services to help you implement the requirements, including, amongst others, awareness, privacy by design and impact analyses.

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You may be required to have a Data Protection Officer or you may choose to assign one voluntarily. In either case, this person will need to have sufficient seniority and knowledge to be both objective and a good discussion partner for the top management. The consequence is that you will have a precious resource in your headcount that will need to dedicate time to the role that he or she would otherwise be able to spend on supporting your core business processes. On top of that, the person you assign to become the DPO will have certain protection and privileges, which may not match with your strategies at this time.

Omni-U can provide DPO representation and do the tasks that you don't have the expertise or time for. We will align to your requirements so that you get what you need when you need it.

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