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Know your clients and know your vendors


Only a third of all companies actually know which vendors access their information. A disconcerting idea, considering that most of us understand that the risks our companies face are not just within the boundaries of our organization. On top of that, in many organizations client relations can also have a big impact on the continuity of business services.
Know Your Clients and Know Your Vendors to avoid unwanted disruptions to your business processes. 
Omni-U has defined four services to help you in your KYC and KYV.


Response support for client RFP's to help you get on their shortlist

A Request for Proposal (RFP) or Information (RFI) requires a quick and appropriate response. This is often challenging, even if you only look at the many security and privacy related questions. By letting us deal with these questions, we help you to get on the shortlist of vendors without the security or privacy struggle.
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Support you on security and privacy phrasing in your client contracts

You got selected as your client's new supplier. Make sure that you don't commit contractually to security and privacy requirements you cannot comply with or afford and make sure that the client's responsibilities are also clear. We will review the security and privacy clauses and ensure that the contract makes sense for you.
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Regularly assess the security and privacy maturity of (potential) suppliers 

No man is an island neither is a company. You have dozens if not hundreds of suppliers touching your data. How secure are they? We'll regularly rate your suppliers against the security and privacy requirements that matter to you.
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Build suitable security and privacy requirements in your vendor contracts

You're about to sign a contract with a new supplier. You should avoid that the contract (in)directly leads to violations of your client commitments. You want to ensure that the data is handled securely by your supplier. Let us help you define these security and privacy clauses.
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