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Specialist in privacy, IT and information security

20+ years of experience with most complex issues domestic and abroad

About OMNI-U: the facts

Working for corporates, SME’s and independent contractors, Omni-U has managed and supported many projects in a wide variety of organizations such as psychiatric care, fiscal advice, credit management, development, wholesale, and recruitment organizations.

Omni-U embraces its founder’s vision which is to ensure that any organization, regardless of size, can protect its company information, personal data, and other information. And then in a way that best fits the organization and is most staff friendly. Honest communications are essential for us.

About Michiel Benda: founder of Omni-U

I am the type of person that will always try to help and satisfy others. Therefore, in 1988, I started my education in hospitality management. In my first job as night manager, I ran into several situations that I thought could and should be done differently.

“I like to get the most out of the resources that are available to me.”

By analyzing the automated processes, I discovered that they could be done a lot more efficiently. Infuriating tasks that used to take 2 hours were suddenly finished in 30 minutes.

“Confidentiality, integrity, availability and reliability of information are essential to organizations.”

After that experience I shifted my career to information protection. After all, I saw the dependency organizations had on the availability of the right information, digital or not. Proper protection does not just deliver a better control of the information, but it also provides more insight in the business processes. As head of information security, I designed and implemented information security for companies around the globe, ranging from 10 to 600 employees.

“As internal employee I was only able to help one organization.”

Through my network I learned that many organizations were struggling with the same challenges as my employers did. In 2017 I therefore decided to start my own company so that I could help more organizations at the same time.
Living on the Veluwe, a beautiful, forested area in the middle of the Netherlands, was an absolute delight! While hiking through the forest, my ideas took shape en my ambition became ever more clear. In October 2017 I put these ideals into the Omni-U vision.

“Creativity in everything I do, both privately and professionally.”

Personally, I love to put my creativity into the annual birthday cakes of my two daughters. I found my favorite pastime to be photography. It is always surprising to see how different the world appears through the eye of the camera.

“Setting the example is extremely important to me.”

I practice what I preach. Therefore, I do not take unnecessary risks with information about me, my company, or my clients. Privacy is a top priority for me. Obviously, you will find a clear privacy statement and general terms and conditions on my website. It only makes sense.

Peter Esselaar

Information manager RIBW

We have drawn up a risk inventory and, on the basis of this, took action, further refined policy, implemented a management system and developed measures. Omni-U has left us at the helm, but has supported us in an expert manner with knowledge and material.

J. Leenders

CISO Ardo Group

While working on an Information Security Program for the Ardo Group, Michiel’s knowledge and experience were of great value. I can highly recommend Omni-U and their no-nonsense approach to anyone working within Information Security and looking for consultancy.

Emile Kok

director TSTC

Michiel is a motivator, inspirator, an engaging trainer but above all a team player and wonderful guy. As former security student we challenged each other to make the EC-Council C|CISO program even better and it worked out excellent.

Do you have a question?

Are you curious about how Omni-U can support your organization with a certification, a training or tailor-made advice on privacy, IT and information security?

Call +31 (0) 55 30 10 502 directly so we can help you with all your questions. Sending an e-mail is also a possibility.

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