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Advice on privacy, IT and information security

Business focused solution to the protection of data

Consultancy and coaching privacy, IT and information security

No matter how large or small an organization is, no-one wants business data out in the open because of a ‘mistake’. To prevent this, Omni-U supports organizations in improving or building their information security team.

Omni-U advises at a tactical and strategic level on a variety of topics. We help in the defining of policies, building reports and determining of roles and responsibilities. Additionally, we provide support in the implementation of security controls in the organization and the communication to employees regarding their importance.

What would you like to know about privacy, IT and information security?

Advise aligned to your business processes

Your request is at the heart of the consultancy and coaching activities. This ca be a general request, but it can also be very specific. Below are some examples of requests that Omni-U has supported.

  • Training employees for a (future) role in information security management.
  • Temporary support in structuring and improving processes related to IT and information security.
  • Detecting vulnerabilities en advice on controls needed to address them.
  • Arrange formal documentation required to obtain or maintain certifications such as ISO 27001.
  • Resolve incidents and prevent future recurrence.
  • Improve information security awareness and commitment if the board of directors and employees.
  • Implement security requirements in existing business processes with minimal burden to employees.
  • Is it also your belief that employees should be able to optimally perform their duties despite the security measures taken?

Are you interested in working together?

Would some professional support in the improvement or implementation of information security be useful for your organization? You will certainly be in good hands at Omni-U!

  • More than 100 companies local and abroad were supported by our staff to obtain ISO 27001, BIO and NEN 7510 certification.
  • Qualified and experienced in official certification training in CISM, CIPM, CCISO, CRISC, CGEIT.
  • Efficient and hands-on approach to structure, simplify, and professionalize security.

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Security is important. So is ease of work for employees.

Security is not just about technical elements but also about the people that have to work with it. The embedding of security controls in existing work processes therefore make more sense than expecting employees to completely change their ways of working.

From that perspective it is, for example, madness to change a password every thirty days that needs to meet at least 12 bizarre character combinations. Such measures just cause annoyance.

The question is what your organization really needs to protect the business data and data of employees and clients. This is why Omni-U advises on which controls improve the security without needless impact on the work activities of employees. In that way everyone wins.

How far along is your organization in privacy, IT and information security?

To improve the security of the organization we analyze the current situation, your goals and what is needed to obtain them. Amongst others you can expect the following questions:

  • What controls are already in place to protect your information?
  • Did you encounter incidents in the past years?
  • Do employees know and understand how to act? And can they still optimally perform their work?
  • Do you regularly face situation in which employees bypass information security rules because they are inconvenient?
  • Is management aware of the importance of security?
  • Have changes been made in the processing of personal data that prevent you from successfully running your business?

J. Leenders

CISO Ardo Group

While working on an Information Security Program for the Ardo Group, Michiel’s knowledge and experience were of great value. I can highly recommend Omni-U and their no-nonsense approach to anyone working within Information Security and looking for consultancy.

Barry Bastiaansen

CISO Logistics business

With a lot of passion for the information security domain, Omni-U puts its finger on the sore spot. Threats, risks and the associated measures are looked at very accurately. In the correct order, a plan is drawn up between the Plan Do Check Act principle to make and keep the organization safer.

Do you desire improvements in your privacy, IT and information security?

Contact us by posing your question on email to omni@omni-u.com. We aim to respond to any request within one working day. Can’t wait that long? Then there is always the possibility to call us at: +31 (0) 55 30 10 502.

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